Forklifts – New

Precision offers a wide-range of forklifts for every application.  Let our sales experts help you find the right lift equipment for your needs, ranging from large internal combustion forklifts to small lift trucks we can assist you in selecting the perfect forklift.

New Arrivals – Brand New 5000lb Forklifts under $20,000!”



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Forklifts – Reconditioned

While we also sell new forklifts, Precision Fleet. also has a wide selection of high-quality used forklifts for sale.

Each unit we offer is in excellent condition, put through a detailed inspection and refurbished. All of the used forklifts for sale that we offer are cleaned, thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary. The end result is cost-effective vehicles designed to maximize your dollar while augmenting your fleet.

Take a look at the wide variety of our used forklifts. For sale are among the best-known and most widely regarded lines, ranging from small electric trucks to large diesel fork lifts.

As with new forklifts, it's important to know how and where your used forklift will be used. Our trained sales staff can help you find the right model of used forklift to fit your budget and your work conditions.

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Trade-In Your Forklift Truck

Precision is one of the most respected names in full-service materials handling equipment and offers an aggressive trade-in program on new and used forklift truck equipment.

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If your equipment is already being serviced by our technicians, we’ll pay you more for your truck.

Selecting a Forklift

Buying a forklift isn’t like buying a car. Your forklift impacts your bottom line in terms of productivity, operating cost and employee safety, and making the right purchase for your business requires a number of considerations.

Let our sales experts help you find the right lift equipment for your needs, ranging from large internal combustion forklifts to small lift trucks. Our sales staff is highly trained and will work with you or your staff to ensure that you augment your fleet with only the right forklift based on:

Classes of Forklift

This is determined by type of engine, type of tires, and indoors or outside location, as well as how much turning and aisle space a forklift requires to do its job.

Operation Environment

Where you will be operating your forklift also determines the kind of forklift you need. The atmosphere relative to dust, flammability and ventilation will determine what safeguards are required for your forklift.

Lift Capacity

How much you need to carry affects the size and type of forklift you need. But this is actually a complicated matter to figure out, depending on load size, weight, and positioning.

Power Options

Forklifts can use a number of different power sources: electric, gasoline, diesel or propane. The amount of work you intend to get out of each use of your forklifts and the overall return on investment are both important to take into consideration when determining the type of power.

Weighing these options carefully can mean the difference between cost-effectively maximizing your productivity and spending your resources on the wrong kinds of material handling equipment for the job.

Fortunately, you're not alone in the sales process. Precision Fleet. offers only the most durable, time-tested forklift lines for material handling. Lift truck sales from combustion engines to battery-powered fork lifts - we handle it all, and our sales experts serve as consultants to guide you to the best equipment to ensure your material handling productivity benefits from your investment.

Forklift Training and Safety

Professional training for fork lift operators has never been more critical, with new federal regulations in place that make it essential that your operators are properly certified.

As of December 1, 1999, all forklift operators must be in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Administration requirements. Requirements added to 29 CFR 1910.178 apply to powered industrial truck operators in all industries except agricultural operations. That means that in most cases, forklift operators will need certified forklift safety training.

Precision can provide you business with the forklift training your employees need to pass OSHA requirements for safety. Forklift operators can attend one of our specialized training seminars either on-site at your facility, or at our forklift training center.

Forklift safety and equipment training also has additional benefits. Accidental death is one of the most costly accidents that you can experience — but also one of the most preventable, if you invest in quality forklift training.

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Rentals and Leasing

Whether you're renting or leasing a lift, Precision Fleet has your solution.

We offer a variety of forklift leasing and rental plans designed to meet the needs of needs of any company in materials storage, transportation, agricultural or construction. Our forklifts can be leased or rented simply and easily so that you can keep your working capital from being tied up while addressing your pressing needs for warehousing, inventory, or construction forklifts.

We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals.
And we deliver! Rates from as low as $50 per day

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Leasing a Forklift

We deliver and service all of our equipment, ensuring that your productivity remains at its peak, so leasing a forklift is simple, affordable, and worry-free.

Competitive lease rates are available with fast approval. Please download and complete below for immediate consideration.

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